Saturday, March 21, 2009

hubby made this back when he was younger i enjoy seeing what people make and thought i would share with you all his happy times now things suck we took our kitty merwyn in to the vet she has a upper respitory infection and cost us 250.00 thankfully my son stepped up to the plate and paid for it or i would not have any money left for anything and would have had bills go unpaid sigh i wish things were better for every one i am so tired of being poor, am sick of hurting and am damn tired of people treating me rudely like that bitch did at my docs office will blog later about it im just to worn out and tired love you all


Anonymous said...

Your hubby made this. Is he ever artistic.!!!! I'm assuming he painted it?
If he is this good he should go back and do more of this, he could then sell what he makes.
It would be a very good stress reliever.and a godd money maker!!!
Very impressive!!!

vicki said...

yes along time ago , yes he did paint it but sadly he has no desire to do this anymore he just does not want to i have encoureged him but to no avail i will tell him your comments thank you

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