Monday, March 16, 2009

morning all i have had quite the weekend lol saturday instead of working all day as we had planned hubby suprised me with going out to lunch/dinner. it was not really lunch time and since son made us dinner i guess would be half way between lol anyways it felt great to just get out there and relax, the gal who waited on us even gave hubby free dessert lol i didn;t want any i was so full, when we got the tab i noticed the last beer he had ordered was not on it and she said that was dessert and since we are returning guests is their thank you to us for our patronage which i thought was wayyyy cool

yesterday we spent most of the day with dad, i feel so darn bad for him , he feels like no one cares and i don;t think thats the issue i think its they have NO CLUE what to do for him. thats what is so sad. i know that somehow there has to be something that can be done. tomorrow he goes to his kidney doc who is also a internal medicine doc and hope he maybe can help with the meds dad needs. he will need something and the more research i find we are leaning towards steriods , at least maybe they will help his swallowing, like he said if he can at least eat then he will be happy and can live with the bloated water problem, so please send him some good thoughts or prayers or whatever you can to help him and the family to help him we need some extra prayers and good thoughts too. i hope all of you have a wonderful day and hope that this last week of winter is good to you, yesterday we had a variety of things going on we had wind rain snow sleet and sunshine all in about 4 hour period we had pretty strong winds last night and still have some today i know its suppose to be blustreery in march but dang it its cold and i don;t like how i feel from it it makes me hurt. oh speaking of that i am such a idiot, i thought i had to wait until next week to get my meds when in fact i go thursday and get them from the doc sigh i suffered for nothing. i so would love not having to take those but not happening . without my meds i would most likely be dead or wishing i was sigh anyways hope your week is a better one and that the weather god smiles down on you with sunshine and warm weather winter needs to go byebye for sure hugs and love to you all

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Anonymous said...

awe sounds like you had a real nice time out.
Its nice to do that once in awhile!! :)

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