Monday, February 23, 2009

hey ya all been a bit since i posted sorry for that.things are pretty much at a stand still right now we go to the oncologist today and hopefully will find out he can have some kind of treatment that will help him i called to make sure the results are in and no they have not bothered to get them so i told the idiot girl who has no clue as to how to treat a patient that unless the doctor has them we would NOT be coming in, there would be no point, she said oh i can get it today what time is your appointment ? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO dumbass look, anyways she is suppose to get the results for us today and please pray that there is hope, i honestly don't think that he will make it much longer his breathing is ok but he has a horrible time for swallowing can not eat much more than soup i feel so damn bad for him, anyways keep him and us in your prayers will post more tonight hugs and love

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hang in there and give your fil my best.Jean

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