Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy new year

happy new year to all of you my dear friends and family, well the year started out with a bang i had a abbsess tooth and of course no one was in. so i had to suffer all thru new years eve, new years day and the next 4 days till monday when i was able to get into the dentist. i was feeling a wee better on sunday but was very shaky and i was kind of worried, went to the dentist monday and he opened up the tooth and immediatly relief, only bad thing was i had a full blown panic attack and that is something i have never had before in public, i shook like a babys rattle. really freaked me out. they were very understanding about it but it was mortifing for me i just could not stop shaking. luckily hubby brought me or otherwise i would still be there lol

if ya all would pray for my fil i would sooo appreciate it, he is not doing well and honestly i don;t think he is going to get much better, he pretty much has given up we try and encourage him but i know how hard it is for him he figures what does he have to look forward to, his wife is gone, his 2 brothers are gone, he kind of forgets we are here i think sometimes and honestly unless you know a sicillian italian family, his family is his parents brothers and sister. i know we are family and he loves us but he always talks about his family "back home" in michigan where he has not lived in 60 years. and he just sort of takes us for granted i guess. but we know he loves us is just old school. so when he has no one is because they are gone not us.

i tried to talk to him last week about where he would want to be buried and he told me next to mom so now we need to get him better enough so he can take care of buying the plot now and getting things arranged. is not like we can afford it anyways and i know that beings as my hubby is a only child then he will recieve the money in the bank ect. but it would be so much easier if it was all paid for and done , i know I am going to have to be the one who will have to take care of having him buried. an is not what i am looking forward to. i helped him with mom because he needed help but it killed me to do it

also please send in boats washington state is under a flood watch the entire puget sound area is getting record numbers of rain, so far today we are at 3 in said we could get 4 to 8 more tonight and tomorrow not good at all please pray for our citizens wish i could bottle it up and send to anyone who needs it in draught areas well i have rambled enough for tonight i wish all of you who read my blog the best of 2009 may your year be filled with sunshine and roses happy times and lots of love, may your dreams come true in all you hold dear to your heart. those with children keep them close to your heart they grow up and away oh so fast if for some reason you see a ark floating by watch for me to be in it sheesh we need sunshine not rain blessings on all who read this and god bless all who believe in him and even those who don't LOL gotcha didn't i hehe just kidding with ya all blessings on all who read and if you do read my blog stop in and say hi i would love to know who actually is reading besides those i have as faithful friends love to you all peace and joy and happiness. love vicki

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Kari said...

Hey Sweetie,
Sorry you had a rough New Years.
Glad you are on the mend. Praying for you and your fil.
Love you, here's hoping for a better year.

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