Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year to all of you out there in blog land!!!!!

as i sit here and write on this 31st day of december in the year of our lord 2008 i think back on all of the things that has happened. and there is many many things that we have to be greatful for and some we are sadden by, but this is life right now i am very thankful my father in law is doing alright enough to be out of the hospital, although tomorrow must take him back and hope that the doc had enough common sense as to call them so they are aware what needs to be done instead of me having to explain it all. ok that rant is done on to the other things i want4ed to say

i m very thankful i have my family and for my husband to have a decent paying job that we are able to support our life style, granted is not rich at all, but we dont go to bed hungry and if we do is our own fault lol

, i am also thankful for my son and daughter having decent jobs, hoping thay they continue to be prosperous,

i am also thankful for all of my sisters and you all know who you are, my mate jacqui darl i love you dearly,
fran my special friend i miss you so much i hope your puter problem gets fixed very soon
kathy, dorothy, michele. joyce. mary,cheryl,heather,packyann all of you who are my special sisters in our new home,i love you all

for all who i have missed these last few weeks,please have patience for this tired old lady hang in there and be kind to each other will right more later, a special friend lady_of_roses for being such a kind caring friend and my friend jean who is so much fun to tease godbless all of you
please remember it is not how much money you have but the amount of friends you have that counts makes me feel like a million bucks you just can't lose when you are as blessed as me, so to all of you my friends, those named and those i didn;t does not mean i love you less am just tired hehehe so happy new year and god bless you all

love always vicki.

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Kari said...

Happy New Year my dear sweet friend. I hope so much this year is better to you. Love ya

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