Friday, January 9, 2009

i hate fridays

seems all i did today was run into people who did not know what they were doing , i know everyone is so excited cause is the weekend but come ON give me a break, little brat girl who i said hi to at kMart and you ignored me, i should have reported you to your boss you are suppose to be cordial to the customers despite your attituda i said hi. so kiss my butt

am tired and when i came home cooked dinner and despite my trying to please hubby he complains so he can kiss having a homemade meal anytime soon slim to none
i am tired and not going to post much more but hopefully tomorrow i will feel better am sooo tired have a great weekend dear friends and those who are buttheads stuff it sideways


Kari said...

Sorry you had a bad day sweetie. Hope today will be better.

Anonymous said...

Awe sorry you had such a lousy day... I like that part of telling some of those people to kiss your ........ :)
Too funny.....


JoAnn said...

I love you sis!!!! Remember I am always here for you.

CrochetManiac said...

LOL, yeah on the kiss my b?:tt !!
Seems like I have had to do the same thing here in the past few days. Hey, it may not be nice, but it sure does feel good now and again to tell the jerks out there to kiss it!! :)
Way to go Vicki!!
Hope you are feeling much better now.

We miss you, stop by and see me now and agin when you can my dear :)

vicki said...

hey kathy great to see you. gosh its been a long time hon we need to keep in better touch im sorry i have had so much going on in my life right now. dad is not doing well and we have been really worried about him and alot of other things. the thing that happened yesterday was a long time coming, i do not need the hassle of grief and hope that all well for those who i consider my friends hugs and love hun'

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