Friday, January 23, 2009

happy birthday mom

i can't believe it has been 17 months since you died, i miss you more and more every day i am doing my hardest to make things good for everyone and i feel i am failing. your son and i fight constantly about stupid things and dad has been so ill is sad seeing him suffer i feel he is giving up and wanting to come to be with you, i am lost without you mom you were always my rock and i miss you so much i can hardly stand it. i know it was your time to stop suffering so bad and be with jesus and i know in my heart i am glad you are not suffering but your family misses you more and more each day, not a day goes by that i don;t talk to you i hope you can hear me cause if i have no one to talk to i would be lost, i have all of my wonderful friends i have met thru the years people who are there for me when they can be as i try and be with them but i need you mom i need your loving spirit your happy self i am lost without you. be at peace though i know you so deserve it, your loving daughter vicki


JoAnn said...

Oh Vicki dear sis, I know how hard it is, I lost my mother at 14 years old. You NEVER forget your mamma dear. We are so attatched to our mamma's, I believe part of our soul is connected .
May peae come over you, and remember the good times and the many years you got to spend with her. I pray for you dear sister Vivki
Hugs and Hooks

vicki said...

thanks my sister is so hard but she is with us always i hope you are doing ok honey i worry about you so much and i love you and hope things will change for the better someday someone is going to find a cure for it all huggs my dear sister

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