Sunday, January 25, 2009

hey ya all

i hope this finds you all doing well i am doing pretty good pain level is pretty high from stress and other things also, am waiting for wend impatient as heck to get my pain meds filled, i know i will be fine until then but am sort of worried about getting thru another day like today,. pain level was a 9 and a half this morning i could not literely move the pain was so bad i need to have my meds asap and i still have over 48 hours to go darn it,

is colder than heck tonight suppose to be down in the teens brrrrr they said snow by tomorrow night ugh just what i don;t need i HATE snow with a passion it sucks bad wish it was spring. i took some pics of the kittys today will upload them soon but in the mean time here is a couple i took last week hope all is well with you to all my friends here on my blog and from other places i no longer belong to(yea me) i do miss you and would love to keep in touch take care dear ones and remember i love you guys, , sometimes in life we have to do what we have to do and i felt spied upon there seemed everytime i posted something that someone thought i was making money(please if ya all had seen what i sold at such a lost you would so not be going there) anyways is why i left got tired of it so if ya want to keep in touch drop me a email now and then take care hugs and love vicki


Kari said...

such cute kitties.
Hang in there it'll be wed. before you know it.
We have big snow coming... well big for us. For you it's probably something like flurries lol They are calling for 3-6 inches... then we get a couple inches of ice... fun fun fun.

Pam said...

HI Vicki,

Sure miss you on the forum but totally understand where you are coming from. I too have recieved the same kind of pm's. It's all abt the money now a days with one of the owners.

I took the link off my blog, I wasn't going to give them FREE advertising, LOL.

Take care fellow Washingtonian and friend

Anonymous said...

Ooh pretty mountain!!! What cute kitties you have!!!!!!!!
glad to see you posted a new topic!!!

MIss ya at the ville, and I know what you mean about being spied upon, I have the same feeling.
Guess I will still stay at the ville cause I really like everyone or almost everyone! Jean

vicki said...

pam thank you for reminding me to take them off i agree why free advertising lol thank you everypne for your kindness to me love ya all

JoAnn said...

Hi Vicki my dear sis, I love you and I missed you today. I did alot of crocheting, but checked in and out of CCP, I LOVE CCP. Sweet sister, your calico cat looks JUST like mine! It is unreal how close they look, they must be sisters too like us sis. PEASE send me your e-mail sis, so I can e-mail you. My computor got messed up a while back and I lost all my e-mails. Love your sis JoAnn

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