Saturday, November 29, 2008

must have been a goofup on blogger

i swear i am losing my mind, yesterday i tried to log in to my blog to see if anyone had saw anything different on my blog cause all i got was bandwidth exceeded. obviously i don;t have THAT many pics on and it was a glitch somewhere in the system thank god is back now . i have been busy crocheting some gifts and am hoping to make some things to sell i did get a order for some heat packs made with flannel and rice so this week will get that going and also she wants some pot holders and maybe a couple dish hanging towels so am excited about that will help with Christmas money although won;t be much but hey any helps right? hope you all have had a restful holiday, keeping those of you who are missing your kids in my prayers i can;t imagine how hard that must be so hopefully they will all come to their senses. i know most everyone had turkey over thanksgiving , we had filet mingone and now I am hungry for of all things turkeys lol so might get a turkey breast next week and bake it yummm turkey sandwhiches yummm damn now i am hungry mooowahahahahahahahaha take care and back soon hugs and love for you all

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