Friday, November 21, 2008

i'm almost done

woohoo almost done with my house, well at least the dining room, as some of you know i have been weeding thru my yarns trying to destash enough to get the dining room back into a dining room am almost done and only have a small amount of yarn left to give away. for those i have promised(enid and terrijo i have yours put aside, an jean trying to find stuff you would like) i am pretty much done giving it away.

im so darn tired now though am relaxing a bit today before i have to get up and get busy on the rest of the house. the nice thing about this is hubby said he will buy me a nice reclyner for me to sleep in i am soooo excited, this love seat sucks as a bed but i can not lay flat and this is all i can do.

so now i have to worry about christmas cause have gotten NOTHING bought ot made even am screwed or will be off line for a while to get things done lol anyways talk to ya all love and squeezes vicki

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