Sunday, November 16, 2008

morning ya all

today is hubbys and sons birthdays, hard to believe 27 years ago i gave birth to my son and for him to be born on his dads bday well we still are in amazment of it happening, today we cleaned house like crazy and my back is killing me its a long ways from being ready to go for the holidays but maybe good enough to have their party tomorrow soon it will be christmas before ya know it are you ready> i know i certainly am not. i have so many people to take care of this year is amazing if i get it done, am exchanging with kookalastar on ccp for the holidays or at least i am sending to her and am trying to figure out how much i want to spend on postage, i know what i want to make her but damn i also know would cost a frigging fortune to send so can;t do that but she did say she wanted seraphina shawl so am going to download rose reds version cause the other one is all messed up and make her that keeping my fingers crossed she don't visit my blog if sio well oh well is not all im sending her so will still be a nice package, also sending to my friend jean and her hubby in canada. not sure what i am going to do with nance and her family she don;t bother to call me or anything hell she don't even answer her phone, i still owe packages to joyce honey i have NOT forgotten you i am working on getting it all together and have to find the blankies son put them away for me
sigh i know he wants to help but he makes sooo much more work for me, but this next week come hell or high water or maybe both if it starts raining again lol they will be on your way to you will ship as quick as i can afford but it is a BIG box lots of yarns for ya for being so patient for all of it i love you my friend thank you

the winner of our raffle on ccp is dorothys girls i hope she enjoys getting spoiled lol michele i hope things work out for you with hubby i know he isn't normally like that but men are men what can i say hugs to you all am off soon for bed take care ya all am hurting so bad tonight i have nothing positive to say so am headed to bed where only my dreams will haunt me, and nothing else will as the days go by. hugs and love to you all, kari i hope your alright sweetie i worry about you hugs for ya all night love and blessings vicki


Anonymous said...

Gee do I get a big box of yarn too!!!!!!!!! Huh Huh Huh HUH!!! Jean

Kari said...

I'm ok sweetie, thanks for the worry and the love though! I love ya too!
Hope you get to feeling better.

vicki said...

jean i would love to send you a box of yarn but YOU have to pay postage lol sorry kiddo joyce bought this from me and am late sending it to her so am making it up by sending more lol

kari i am glad you are alright i felt so bad when i read your post. i wish i could help maybe the $ will show up for ya hugs and love to you both vicki

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love to get yarn but I would like to get an idea of what kinds of yarn you have.

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