Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving everyone

i wanted to just take the time to stop and wish all my american friends and anyone else who celebrates this day of thanksgiving, i want to list a few things i am thankful for and feel free to do the same for yourself if you respond

1. i am thankful for my family

2 i am thankful for my friends

3 i am thankful for my health and for my dear friend dorothy who is having some issues which i won;t go into, but the doc made her day today when he told her she would NOT have to have surgery thank you jesus for this

4. i am thankful that i have more than enough to eat and that i can go to bed and not worry if there will be any food to feed me breakfast knowing my cupboards are full

5.i am thankful that we can speechve subjects and we are not arrested for speaking our opinions.that we can agree to disagree with those who are in power.

6 i am thankful to the kid down at S&S tire where i took my car in today when i had a flat tire after hubby filled it and no charge how cool is that, well i am going to post this but i will be adding on soon, need to go to bed lol

7. i am thankful for the doctor i have now who does understand that to live in horrific pain does NOT have to happen , that he can help me with medication and NOT treat me like a drug addict.

8. i am thankful i have a hubby who trys to understand my addiction to yarn and only shakes his head when he sees it lol

9. i am thankful for all of you who read this blog, without you reading it why would i bother to even post would be like talking to myself

10. and last but not least am thankful for being a
American and so very thankful for those who are in harms way fighting for my family and all of my fellow Americans right to be free. to keep and bear arms and uphold the constitution, without these mighty warriors who knows where we would be, so wether or not you support the war(few do) you need to support the men and women who are over seas away from their families in this holiday season that they remain safe and that they KNOW how much we appreciate them god bless all of you and god bless the united states of America of which I AM PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN and god bless all of you i love you all

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