Monday, March 3, 2008

is it spring yet?

omgosh today was downright COLD had some errands to run so wore a sweatshirt and my jean jacket, figured i would be fine then well sigh i know how it goes lately i wear something warm i roast, if i wear a t-shirt i freeze , i can not win, sigh, anyways got done and came home waiting for the mail, son is expecting a expensive package so am on time waiting for the mailman to come. so here comes ed the singing mailman, has 3 count them 3 huge boxes all from my friend kathy in nc i knew what she was sending but still is amazing how much stuff she putin the box

anywhoo i might lol be sending alot more back to her at least 3 boxes more lol

been going thru my crochet mags and after i talk to someone about them(she is interested s0 letting her look first) then will post tomorrow, and as always if ya see something drop me a note

well am beat tonight so am going to get off here. take care ya all peace and love always hugs

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Anonymous said...

Get some rest dear friend Vicki!!

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