Wednesday, March 5, 2008

hey ya all lookie what i found

i found this quilt sitting all alone on a thrift store is ahand made original arch quilt made in hawthorne new york. having done some research i found that this company use to employ local women to hand make brand new had quilts, back in anere the 1940's thru the 1960's i found this to be quite beautiful and looks to be brand new condition. aren't i the lucky one. and to sweeten the pot would you believe it was only 35.00 now howsthem bargains doing lol

well anyways was a great find. will keep me warm which speaking of was darn cold this morning 20 degrees again, but soon spring will be here, in just a couple of weeks to go lol

although i sure can't complain,back in nc where my friend kathy lives they had tornado warnings, she said the sky was heavy with clouds alot of thunder and lightning. and my friend fran who lives in texas says yesterday it snowed today in the 70's and more snow tonight, so will just enjoy the weather we are having lol i also now have pics of all the goodies i recieved from barb in the kitchen swap i love all of it my friend here it is.

not up to much else. just reading alot of blogs and doing a little crochet. working on something for my secret pal so am not speaking of what it is.

my uksp is very nice too,i have a feeling we know each other but to tell you the truth i don't have a clue as to who she is. and actually i don't want to know it will spoil the suprise lol

today went to the po and had to wait there for over a hour.see here is the situation, my son has ordered alot of dvd's from disney and the first box that came was almost completely empty except for a package of diet cookies. someone in the postal service or disneys employee stole all those movies. alot of them and boy was my son and myself pissed off, so we called disney who said would replace them free of charge. sothe box went out the 15th of feb. we have been waiting and waiting and morons back in wisconsin post offce somehow forgot to mail i so we have been waiting all this time for freaking NOTHING, so disney is going to replace the order free of charge and send it out priority mail. thanks to the disney company and parkland post office for finding out where the movies are sitting, i appreciate your help.

not much else happening around here. life goes on,been trying to destash alot of my patterns and have a buyer for a stack again. thanks my friend , lt me know how ya want to do this.

tonight talked to alot of people, fran who i am great friends with, and jean and kathy again great friends with and then just before i posted herejacqui popped on, omgosh have not talked to her in ages, i love talking with all my friends i have met so many nice people on the puter lol

so am off to work on my shawl for nancy who is NOT my secret pal but a special person anyways!!! peace and love to you all, take each day as it comes, forget the anger the pain, the bad times and move forward as there is nothing you can do about any of it so let it go and start each day anew without stress and anger. till we meet again which i will try realllly hard to make this a daily thing, and this i promise if i can't make it daily at least will try and make it interesting. god bless all of you and keep your postive thoughts going and hang on to the good times but let the bad times end for you each day have nothing but good thoughts and happiness for you i love and miss ya all goodnight my friends,l

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

The quilt is GORGEOUS!!!
Love ya my friend! *hugs*

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