Tuesday, February 26, 2008


well today started out good, i got up with hubby,. sent him off to work, son got up, sent him off to work, layed back down, woke up at 8, layed back down, woke up at 9, layed back down miss montel williams show(dang he has some intresting guests) layed back down, missed price is right with drew carey(so not the same without bob barker but drew is alright) layed back down crud out like a light 12:15 rolls around dd gets up and says MOMMMMMMMMM, i woke up, WHAT WHAT, WHATS WRONG, she says ive been trying to wake you up for the last 20 minutes. . i sit up wait for the blood to reach my feet, shakes my head, trying to determine if i had taken meds before i fell asleep, looked over and there they were, then tried to stand up, um nope meds need to be taken layback down with heat pack dd was so thoughtful to get for me, wake up at 12:30 mom did ya feed the cats, yes fed them this morning why, cause itsy is trying to climb the house, oops
so fed them and all are mad at me except shadow and of course shadow loves me no matter what i do sohe kissed me, needless to say this started my day out just dandy yup . lol

so got dressed and went to get things on like normal ummmm waitin for meds to work

got out the door thinks to self what did i forget i know MY PACKAGES!!! back in the houiseand got them and head back out to car. so go to walmart and get what i need walk thru the lines and out the door wooot am on a roll, so head on over to petsmart, get to the cat food section and almost have aheart attack, they raised the prices of the food 10 cents A CAN, don;t they reaize how many cans we go thru a day.8 4 here and 4 at work, since we take it upon ourselves to feed paint and mojo no one else seems to want to bother to contribute, which soooo pisses me off cause they all make as much if not more than us and have no one they are supporting with one exception and i don't expect her to, although she does occasionally bring in a bag of food or cans occasionally. but she is a single mom and she DID adopt one of paints kittens so shall be nice about her . but the others sure could course they don't care one way or another anyways. sigh. oh well , back to my day i looked at the cost of food and said dang what happened to 30 cents. the girl sales clerk says yea everything has gone up. sigh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i ask don't know she said oh well not her fault.

so head for home and am almost to canyon rd. ooops forgot packages need to go to po, so carefully look and see no one coming and change lanes then get off, i am sooooo tired of being constiently assaulted by these beggers standing on the side of the road holding signs made up will work for food, out of job ect ect ect. what they don;t realize is these same people i have seen at the grocery store picking out Tbone steaks so i doubt they are starving. if i was starving and someone gave me money i would make it last as far as i could and that would NOT include tbone steak or for that matter ANY kind of steak, or meat for that matter would stock up on potatoes, grains like macaroni and other things. welcome to america where the beggers eat better than the hard working american people sigh so anyways got thru at the poand head home. dd is leaving for work but waiting for me cause i have her juice she wanted lol

soshe goes towork and so do i started in the bedroom and got a ton done but then hubby gets home and says why are you working in there not the dining room sigh can;twin, then he tells me he has to work on the bathroom tub, needs to declog it so i have to haul the stupid hoses hook them up out front,, but is cheaper than a plumber. not muh my fix it up hubby can't do, and then he knows people who can cheap lol

well by the time he got done with the tub was almost 6 and i was to darn tired to cook anything so he had a couple of noodle dishes and i had dr pepper. now am hungry and know after 8 shouldn;t eat but dang it I'M HUNGRY so am done here and off to find me some food, maybe just toast or pbj sandwhich but food i need to heck with the weight problem, i would not be happy if i was starving when i went to bed. would be grumpy cause my sugar would be low, not a good thing. so ciao for now my friends such is my life, oh yea before i forget i talked to my friends fran and kathy. both are awesome people i consider to be my friends and im the lucky one not them hugs ya all and good night


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