Saturday, March 15, 2008

my week sigh

well today is saturday and while the last of the week was not so great i made do, got very little done and no one gives a rip around here but i decided to heck with them if they don't understand about why i don't feel up to doing anything well they can stuff it, even shadow knows when i don't feel good, and will sit there and give me kisses. sometimes i want to make my family live in my body for even a day but realisticly i would l think they need at least a month to see all the diff ways i have to live and how i feel. but sigh so not going to happen oh well i just ignore them for the most part. sadly tuesday did NOT get any cookies baked cause could nothing went right and worst of all i can NOT find my oatmeal recipe, if i gave it to any of you please pm me or email and share back heartsick over not being able to find it, my son baked christmas cookies and got into my recipe boxes and for some reason this is one of the ones mia. sigh crying here i love this cookie recipe. so am hoping i shared it with someone and you can share back would be a awesome day if i do get it back.

now for good news for a change today in the mail i got the most awesome package from my secret pal over at the crochetville. inside was the most beautiful tea cup infusser, and 3 tins of adiago tea,. for those of you who don't know about adiago tea, well sit back and let me tell you all about it, this tea is one of the best there is, i got valentines and also ear grey and also blue berry. and if that was not enough she also sent me a bamboo size f hook and not one not two but three skeins of sock yarn, already got started on a pair of socks, is multicolored, hope they turn out i suck at socks but found a good pattern and know i can do it lol so to you my secret pal, the one person who sooo made my day a good day i thank you, life right now is sweet!!! now am off to put the boys to bed,. shadow and riley sleep in our gargage and when its cold i put them in early like tonight is so darn cold , is killer on my body but they need some love and care and they depend on mommy(thats me lol) and i have to go now and take care of them might post later but for now a great big thank you to my secret pal hugs and love to ya all

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