Thursday, March 27, 2008

hey ya all

thought i would pop in and say howdy. things have been crazy. alot of running around like crazy. things have gone from bad to worse and seem to go on that wayi seriously need to make some money while cleaning my craft stuff out and willgive ya a awesome deal on stuff

today it snowed , again, does not mother nature know its SPRING? we had about 2 inches last night and they said tonight we could get anywhere from 1 to 3 in more in higher areas

is so pretty though gosh i love looking at the trees in spring bloom covered with show flakes wow is a crazy sight

my friend frans dad died yesterday . if you belong or did belong to the ville then you know who she is please think of her and her family in this sad time for them.

not much else to say, thought i should post though since i really other than my uncle have not posted in a while i know im bad bad bad shame on me and all that jazz gimme a break self loljust finished a beautiful full size black shawl with fringe for my friend nancy, she will love it when she sees it. hopefully that is.

my nephew nick cut his finger really bad
needed 14 stitches and now is off work, not sure if he had any tendons or muscles cut but was a bad one, love ya nick, be good and listen to your mom now

been busy making barbie clothes and looking off intospace and falling asleep so am off as ofright now lol so ciao amd will see ya when i see ya hugs and love vicki

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