Sunday, January 6, 2008

im sooo lucky this week

i am one lucky ducky, last week i stopped at the store for a few grocerys and decided that i was going to buy me a couple scratch tickets, well i bought 2 5.00 ones, the first one i won 100.00 on and the second i won 10.00 on wooot , you think this is all well its not. hehehe when i signed on at one of the things i liked about it was that when you liked someone shop you could "heart' them. which means your trelling others about the shop and sometimes they d0 the same back to you. well one i hearted was a shop called

On loris site she was having a contest, i was not aware of it at the time i hearted her but i guess because of the number i was i won. all i had to do was tell her which number i was and i was number 1600. my prize? a awesome one of anything i wanted in her shop. how exciting this is and i am so happy this is what i won
BLUE PAISLEY JEAN HANDBAG isn;t this awesome, if ya have time pop in both of our shops and take a look, lori has some awesom hand made jean bags she has made out of recycled blue jeans. what a great way to use those ones up with holes in the knee or whatever.
i hope both of the links work, if not drop me a line and i will fix it i am good at that lol fixing things hehe
go seahawks i am so excited we won the game yesterday i felt really bad though for the washington redskins as they were trying so hard to win fortheir former team mate who was murdered about 3 weeks ago when he suprised some kids who had broken into his home thinking he would be away. was 4 teen agers who he had befriended and they shot him in a panic,. was very sad, what a tragedy , 5 lives lost the football player who lost his life and the 4 stupid kids who panicked and now will spend the rest of thier lives feeling guilty and having to live with his death. anyways was sad for them but on the other hand i am so excited, the seattle seahawks have made the next round of the playoffs 2 more games i think till we go to the superbowl, yes i have great hopes
right now is cruddy weather out rain and snow mixed and freezing rain, slippery stuff and of course my darlin daughter is not home, ah well she will be so what till its time to come home and then when she gets home will complain to me about how nasty it is, but of course she has to go hang out with mr butthead, oopsie i mean chris her bf's house.
but other news on dd is much nicer. the other day she came home and said to me she had some news. seems the store manager decided he wants her to be the front end manager at joanns. which means she is now a full time employee. this also means she now has bennefits paid vacation, 401K, retirement. dental, vision paid holidays just a wonderful awesome major fantastic job offer which she took of course.
course her other boss isn't going to be happy when he does hear tomorrow.he has been off sick and while she did post her 2 week notice, he is going to be one unhappy kid. but actually i am glad she is leaving that job, very often he would only give her a hour or 2 hours once or twice a week, whilE GIVING the NEW girls he hired 8or more hours sometimes up to 25 hours a week.while she got 8 for the entire monthlso i say good riddance
my plants must think its spring time, while right now we are having freezing rain and snow showers. ah janurary in washington state.
so anyone have any ideas for me to make a little more money on etsy for me, my friend fran thought of a couple things i can make for the shadowsboys treasure'schest
come visit me soon as you can and see what treasure await you. ciao for now

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PeWee said...

Oh My Golly, Vicki! Congratulations on all your New Year's Luck!!

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