Thursday, January 17, 2008

hey ya all

hi my friends i know has been a while since i blogged. been busy trying to clean my house out, tooo much stuff so instead of throwing away like hubby wants am selling or giving most of it away. i am having a big sale in my etsy shop, the site is
so hope you will come and visit. i am only having this sale for another week but will have one again im sure

now i would like to ask you my friends and readers of this blog, am looking for ideas as for what to make and sell. i have decided that i'm going to make some of those reuseable bags for grocerys, i know alot of people like paper or plastic(i admit i am one of them) but have decided that since 2008 has just started i want to be as eco friendly as i can, as it is i save and reuse as much as possible and when no longer able to i recycle alot. we have a huge can out in the yard we got from the garbage company and is always full, is suprising how full we keep it every week. it is always full which is a good thing. so besides making and selling those bags for bringing grocerys home. so if ya have any thoughts as to what YOU would like to see in my store and if i make them i will give you the person who thought about it one of them if it is a reasonable thing(no afghans or quilts here people) but other than that what do ya think.

well is past the middle of janurary today would have been my mother in laws and father in laws 58th anniversary. we sure miss mom, it is hard sometimes going over there and sitting there in her chair i feel she is there and i know is watching over us all

oh good news about fil we went to the heart doc yesterday and he was very happy with dads scan, said that there is NOTHING wrong with his heart at all, the problems he has been having is more than likely caused by high blood pressure which of course dad denys, but we who are around him know better lol.

well think think think my awesome friends, as i said i will not only give you a finished item (if it turns out to be a winner so much the better) i will also give you credit for the idea. after all is how it should be right? right !!!!

now am off to sew, oh one more thing, i crochet and sew, my knitting takes me to long so am not really doing that alot.

ciao for now my adoring fans yea right lol had to say that , smartass that i am hehehe., anyways my friends thanks for taking the time to read my blog and if any of you can help let me know; thanks alot and god bless. thanks goes out to all of our armed forces in both the united states and especially those who are over seas fighting to keep this county safe from terrorists. thanks again and ciao for now


Jimbo said...

Hay Vicki.. I really like the grocery bag idea. I'm told that in europe everyone uses bags like that. Imagine how many trees you could save by using perminent grocery bags.

You have a great idea there!


Jimbo said...

on and thanks too for the FA plug.

WilBlg4Yrn said...

Glad for the good news about your fil.
Things you could make:
Sew and/or crochet grocery bag holders (you know those plastic bags, I use the for trash bags etc)
Dish clothes/towels sets
hook/needle holders (sew or crochet)
of course baby things are always good.
Hope those help love ya (ps you won a award on my blog)

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