Sunday, July 8, 2007

hey ya all

how ya all doing today, i am tired but doing pretty good, we worked out in the yard today for a while and decided to take the aluminum cans in we have been recycling for over a year, well we did a reallllly good job of gathering all those cans and recycling them we had 181 pounds . and made almost a 100.00 hot dawg he he he. make ya want to start recycling yet? we have done it for many years and its welllll worth the time and effort. i mean sheeesh a 100.00 isn't anything to sneeze over and something to write home about hehe

i recieved my reveal package from my awesome new friend dawn aka crochetluvknot on crochetville. dawn very much spoiled me rotten with allll of the goodies she made and sent to me, i especially love my shrug you made me but of course i love all of it

i sewed today a tiny bit
made a tote bag for my dd out of dragon brocade and it turned out really nice and the other is our lady of guadaloupe. i had a friend buy me some of this material for one of my daughters friends who had to have some, so my friend fran bought it for me and i payed her of course, then this so called friend stiffed me for almost 6 yards of this material and now i am makin more money on it than she is bewahahahahaha i feel evil tonight, well on that note am off to bed as it is almost 2:30 am and i need to get up at 7:30 so goodnight to you all and god bless you all, thank you to all the brave men and women in the armed forces, serving this country and keeping it free for you and me to enjoy. god speed my friends


Anonymous said...

Man...I hope I can live up to the 'ville sp....Glad to hear you are doing well....
Your Mania SP

loopy1 said...

Your Ville inbox is full, Sweetie! You need to clean it out! Wanted to know if you used the Lattice Stitch Dishcloth pattern on some of those you sent me. I just found that pattern and was curious.

I think I have your email but not sure if it's yours.

Love ya, Jeannie

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