Thursday, July 19, 2007

how much more can i take

i really really wonder how much more i can take of life, this last week has been such a sad sad week, first off uncle dominick died on the 10th of july, dads older brother who was always full of such mischief, you had to love him, and no one could stay mad at him for long, he had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back.

then on the 11th the most awful thing happened to our family, worse even than losing uncle dominick, my beautiful talented wonderful mother(in law, only because its a name, she was a mother to me more than my own) passed away at 4:15 in the afternoon, i to this day am in shock, i can't believe how fast she got so bad that she died. it started it off by me taking her to the doc as she had a sore throat. from there she ended up in the trauma center of st josephs hospital er room. and later that afternoon passed away with my fil and dd and myself at her side. my hubby whos mother it is, could not bear to see her like that and my son went to be with his dad as he felt the same way. i know how much my family loved her, i know how much I loved her and always will,. our family has a void in it now, the important part of the hyarchy is missing, now its up to me to be the matriach of the family. i don't want to be it i want my sweet kind mom back.

the priest delivered a beautiful mass for her and after wards talked with us for a while.

if i seem a little grumpy or not quite like myself ya all will know why .

rest in peace darling mother, fly with the angels and save me a place in heaven next to you. i love you mom, always and forever. me


Will Blog for Yarn said...

Know I am thinking about you

vicki said...

thanks sweetie. it has been so darn hard i can not believe she is gone. one week today went to the cemetary today. cried of course. the flowers are so beautiful, was not alot but just the right amount . thanks for being ehre for me sweetie i love you

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