Friday, April 6, 2007

hi from a bad bad blogger. me ... hehe

been a few days well 5 exactly since i posted last, i am truly sorry and will try and post more often

been super busy trying to get some squares together to make hubbys cousin and wife comfortghans, they are in great need of some tlc, see this is the reason, first off richard is a member of the striker bridage stationed here at ft lewis washington, he was sent to iraq last year and recently was injured by a road side bomb, he suffered some pretty severe injuries, he has had all several surgeries so far to try and repair the damage, his front teeth were knocked out, his nose is broken in 3 places, has already had 2 surgeriers for that, his jaw is also wired shut as it broke his jaw as well as numerous cuts abd bruises.
well my friends who i can count on any day of the week are all pitching in and making squares for a comfortghan for both of them . initially i was had asked for squares for him, but one of our members at the ville asked what i thought about making one for his wife, who i can tell you will appreciate it as much if not more than richard will. both are in their mids 20's with no kids, recently married just before he shipped out last year so will let ya all know how thats coming.when i get the squares will put them together and post pics. which brings me to another story, recently on crochetville we had a member who was having some really bad times and was brave enough to tell us about what had happened and how she is dealing wih it all. so after concurring with several people (i posted for all to see) who wanted to help i recieved many many squares and put them together and yesterday she recieved the package and she loves it.paulette honey i am so happy you like it without everyone i could not have put it together.

now i also am working on a special present for my dd's b-day which is this week. she is into different things and this year is into skulls as a focus point, now before ya all get all wacked out, its the IN thing right now, not scaty gross nasty ones, but silly ones like the day of the dead printsvery expressive and actually i find it interesting.

well about feb i decided was going to make her a quilt out of differnt skull material, seriously i can tell you it was a adventure finding it all and without my dear friend fran in texas i would not have half of it, (i payed her of course)

i have been slowly gathering more and more kinds, not just a tiny bit eiher but several yards, well i finally got the 12 in sq cut and tonight sewed the top piece together. then tomorrow will figure out what i am going to use for the back piece. actually what i am contemplating is making an entire piece of different backing using the same materials but in different orders , what do you all think? think that would be cool? i actually made it a bit big so it will be hard to match to material so maybe thats what i will do, it only took me about a hour to sew the top piece, so i figure another hour and a half maybe it will look mega coolbeans hehe i just made the mega thing up and got the coolbeans off my friend fiona , mubbles you see that? you taught me that , lol i say it all the time now.

anyways when this quilt is done completely putting it together after her bday will post a far i have counted 17 different kinds of material and alot of it i have left so decided that i am going to make some tote bags for sale, anyone like that idea? if those sell or some of the other ones i make do maybe it would bring me some well needed income. dd seems to like the idea and she knows what kinds stuff sells , that though is in the future
and shall see if if it works

well am off to bed as i am just beat and need to be up early tomorrow as i know its the day before easter and lots to do, besides which we are celebrating her b-day with her grandparents on sunday too . so goodnight to all of you. god bless and keep you, in his loving care , be kind to one another and be good to someone you don't a door, give them a place in line, anything to make their day a bit brighter, love ya all my friend happy easter to you all hugs


Michele said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Easter Vicki..... Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you

Kari said...

I hope you had a great Easter.
It's a great idea for a ghan for his wife too. My squares went out today, use them for whichever one you think needs them! With my thanks for their service to our country!

ladylinoleum said...

You know, you post when you can. And you're busy so don't sweat it!

Happy belated Easter to you!

CrochetManiacs said...

Hey There Vicki.....I too have been a bad bad blogger lately :(
Hope you had a wonderful Easter :)
Sooooo much to do sometimes that you just can't seem to ever keep up with it all.
Send my warm thank you as well for protecting us back here, some just do not know how much they sacrifice so we can stay free.
Warm hugs and hurry home soon wishes we send his way, and to his family :)

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