Saturday, April 21, 2007

god rest your soul uncle ron

hi ya all, sorry been so darn long, life has been busy but not so kind. oh today sucked this morning part anywys, hubby was reading the paper this morning and said hey don'tyou knowsomone (names name then) and i said yea is my uncle why? he was a little shocked at that and said just wondering, cause there is this guy in the obits, i wondered and thought to myself, how odd someone has the same name as my uncle, so asked can i see that section? he hands it to me and i look at the obit and am just start shaking cause it was my uncle. not one single person in my family bothered to tell me, not one single person, i really am pissed off about this. oh and another thing, no one even told me how bad he was, i knew he was battling lung cancer but everytime i asked one of the aunts for his phone number they didn't have time to tell me, was like i was written out of his life completely. i know he as heartbroken when my aunt carol died and it really does not suprise me that he went as fast as he did. so uncle ron, godspeed to you, rip i will always remember you for your silly grin and the fact you always said i was to skinny and needed to eat your wonderful meals you made. i wish i could have had one more serving of your potato salad but it isn't to be, when i eat potato salad i shall think of you, when i make lasagna i will remember what you said, just s splash of vanilla, to the sauce and it makes it just right. (hey he was italian too and knew what he was talking about) when we meet again in way up yonder uncle i will be waiting for that potato salad and lasagna. love you dear uncle i bid you adeu' p.s nance also says she loves you and god bless


Terri said...

Hi Vicki,
I'm so sorry about how you found out about your uncle. In January my brother called to say that he had found out our aunt (who lives in Fife) had passed away last April. NO ONE knew because my uncle and his kids didn't want to make a big deal of it. Can you imagine??? She did so much for us and I usually talked to her a couple times a year...they were snowbirds and spent half their year in Arizona. I'm still in shock. Some people just don't seem to get how much someones life can impact some elses. Just because I didn't mean anything to my uncle and his kids doesn't mean she didn't mean something to me and the rest of the family. I know I can't change what happened so thanks for letting me vent.
Hope you can start feeling better about this.
Hope you have a great week and thanks for the tip on the vanilla in the lasagna sauce.
I miss talking to you...maybe we can do lunch again.

vicki said...

terri i am so sorry that happened to you. families often do not thing. lunch would be fun,. name a time and place and if i can do it will let ya know. take care my friend

Kari said...

Oh Vicki.. this on top of everything else. I am so sorry for your loss and for how you had to find out about it. *hugs*

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