Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sometimes i wonder why i get up in the morning

you see this face, thats what the stinker did to me tonight, i let him out of his pen as usual for his nightly run before i put him to bed. now i have NEVER had any trouble with him trying to get out of the yard, but tonight of all nights when i feel like crud, this little butthead decided to go next door and make me come after him. i asked son to just step over the gate as he is tall enough to do it but noooooooooooooooooo, not him, thats not right he says. soooo i ended up having to climg over the fence and go and get him. do you think he would come to me, um nope he just runs from me all the while i feel like i am having a heart attack from trying to catch him

he on the other hand thinks is funny, damn cat. so now on top of my rotten day i had this happened. now my back feels like someone is beating me with a whip with pieces of sharp metal and glass biting into me, sort of like the cat-o-nine whips the pirates use to use way back in pirate time. i don't think thats the correct name for them and if someone knows it feel free to correct me.

on the good side today i did a good deed. cost me a blinking fortune though , but i sent a big box of yarn to someone who said that they would make some lovie blankets for Ro's(see crochetville.org for that)childrens charity. since i don't have time to make blankets i asked if it was alright to just send yarn to someone who promised that she would make the blankets with the yarn. works for me. am still puttin the ghans together and since i doubt iwill be able to walk tomorrow i might actually get richards ghan done and start on sherries. i know i have a few more squares coming and i will use them all and what ever i don;t will pass them forward to another comforghan(but i think i will be able to use them all, a few i have had to add some squares to make them the 8 in and i have a few which are 10 and a couple which are 12 in so will work somehow around those squares as well as they were made with love and care also so i will make sure they get used

today it rained was a sucky day, now just a few min ago itsy was crying at the door so thought maybe the poor little one was hungry so i moved one of the plates which was empty and set it on the other plates, sure as hell the stupid things fell ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL over the floor, so now with my back killing me i am standing there picking them up all the while my son is giving me crap about it and i wanted to scream at him to shut the hell up, in fact i did finally cause he pissed me off so bad finally got the food picked up and gave itsy a treat then baby wanted one and then coast, so gave them all one and the only one who would eat was baby. itsy finally did but she was more on alert, so must be something out there although could hear thepeople behind us in the apartments. gosh i need a vacation i sooooo need a vacation, all by myself. maybe at the beach i could use it believe me.

so back to my day , now after finding out about uncle ron i saw my cousin today at the bank and asked her how come no one called me, she said her mom was having a hard time dealing with everything, i know i said but still what wouldit take 2 min? anyways then she tells me that her stepdad(my uncle terry) is in baddd shape. he is in congestive heart failure and is carrying over 20 pounds of extra water weight, i said i am really sorry and would pray for him,

so now i am feeling like 2 cents cause i went in mad and came out looking like a bitch which was not my intenion. life sucks today so my question now is whats next. lets see there is 1 hour 27min left in the day what more can i do bewahahahahahahahahahahaa.

a special thanks to my dear friend fran for letting me rant tonight, without you dear friend i would not have made it thru tonight. i wish i knew what to do for shadow. its soooo not fair for the poor little guy to live in a 10x10x6 foot kennel he deserves better, but how do i giv him up, i love that little guy more than life itself, then later i went out to see him he is tender and loving towards me. purring and giving me kisses made me feel much better. for sure. anyways thats how my crappy day went. tomorrow will be another day hopefully better than today and tonight. thanks for reading and listening to me whine. sometimes we just need it i think. this is my baby for all he i drives me nuts i love him dearly god bless and good night ya all

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Kari said...

*hugs* Sorry you've been having such a hard time lately.

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