Saturday, April 26, 2014


So i talked with  my insurance agent and she explained to me whats going on now.  While the company  is  not  going after them  personally they have hired a  credit collection company to try and get them to pay. 

IF they do not pay  in this state the owner of the car  and her husband  will lose his license. while that does not really help  us with  getting our money back it will make things hard for them to get their  vehicles  licensed and Rosangel Cabrera if  found  driving  (which she is as we saw her several times)  if she is pulled over  for outdated  license tabs she will show up on the system as causing this accident and  if the police do their job  she will go to jail where she belongs.

I find this  so outrageous   these people who proclaim to be christians and loving the lord so much are refusing to pay what they owe.  i personally  hope that  something happens to make them  to make them realize  their actions. i wish nothing more than what they deserve and karma has a  way of making that happen.  

sorry for the vent am just so angry about all of this  ok back to my normal happy self  rants over.

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