Wednesday, April 16, 2014

don't be shocked to badly i am posting again hahahahaha

Don't be shocked i know i know  2 blog postings in less than   2 weeks i must be sick HAHAHAHA  nope just  wanted to fill ya all in on some of the stuff going on in my life.   we finally settled with the insurance company  while i would have wished for more  they did come through with a bit of additional money  only because i threatened to leave the company oh well.     

I have been busy  designing again and made this adorable little  turtle  tape measure  i will be selling these in my etsy store   stop by and see  what i have listed now and if you have a request drop me a line and i will do what i can to make it happen. in the mean time enjoy my little  turtle

sorry for the  bad pictures the light was just off a bit so it did not show up well

I am working on some new designs as we speak and already have  2 orders for the turtle.

here is a set of owl hair pins i made  i can take custom orders for these as this pair of  owlie  pins was claimed as part of a swap on ravelry.:)
I knitted this cowl  out of super soft  brushed acrylic yarn and it also is for sale  for  15.00

This hat and scarf set was made for my darling daughters boyfriend for christmas, if you would like one like this or in other colors (makes great Christmas gifts and its not to soon to put your order in ahead of time.) I will also do other team colors, this was done in our beloved Seattle Seahawks team colors, but if the yarn is available to me i will make this for you Message me for price.

well that's it fir tonight i leave you with these pictures to enjoy

 until  tomorrow...... ciao and love to all    Vicki

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