Friday, April 18, 2014

I wish ..................

I knew why my body is giving out on me.Tonight the shoulder pain is so bad i can not even crochet.  NOT CROCHET???  what am i going to do.   lately the pain has been worse in the evenings  shoulder pain so bad i cry.

 I think what has happened is the discs that were  compromised in the accident in my neck are raising their ugly head so to speak I am feeling  nerve pain in my left shoulder and the strength of it has left me  gasping for relief.  

That being said  i WILL NOT give up or into the pain.   starting to rest a bit more with it but i will continue to crochet  when my arm allows it

On another note  my best  friend and fellow hat maker  is out of the commission for a while   so if anyone  still wants to help and donate  by making a hat or in any other way please do not hesitate to  post a message so i know i am not alone in reading   this post lol

Rain  is back and i'm hurting worse because of it. spending my time though  trying to  design the cute patterns you  all know and love  right?

Until  tomorrow have a better day peace and love to you all  ciao     vicki

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