Thursday, April 24, 2014


that the people who caused  us thousands and thousands of dollars  feel  that they don't have to pay us and our insurance company back. 

Really pastor Juan  Cabrera and  pastor  Rosangel Cabrera   you  think you don't have to pay this. what kind of church doctrine  is taught at your church  at mine we are taught to accept responsibility  for your actions and since you chose to drive while not even having a license OR insurance  then you broke the law and when you damaged our cars so bad one had to be totaled  that is just fine because we have ins? 

front end damage on hers    where she finally came to a stop  on sons car

shows the damage she did to all of the cars

shows hubs car into daughters after she hit husbands car and then daughters
Welll GUESS WHAT. we are out a  entire car and  have lost hundreds of dollars  to your carelessness   so suck it up and pay out what you owe. 
Until then you should be ashamed of yourselves. Must be nice to  just say no we don't want to pay and not    shame shame shame on the Cabreras  who profess to be 
pastor cabreras car did all this damage
christians and in God.  come judgement day you will pay and  until you admit to the lord and make right what you did wrong you are headed to hell.

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