Sunday, September 30, 2012

and even more fun

So last post i told you about the amazing time i had  at lynyrd   skynard  concert, well the very next night i was  lucky enough to go to another  concert and this time it was   george thorogood  and  OMGOSH   did i have a blast.

 this old lady was rocking and boy  did i have fun. a  giant shout out thank you to my son for making it happen  . your old mom still has a few get up and  goes in my life       again was  AWESOME     BUT    yesterday  hurt so bad could hardly stand it  . slept most of the day off and on, then went out to kids to visit  them and the furkids,  shadow was sooo happy  sitting on the lawn swing and  i said to him that was life, fur kids make the most of it  bewahahahaha  

ok enough sillies , since tomorrow is my bday i am going to sign of and get some shut eye as i will see ya all later  hugs and love to all


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