Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ah life lol

sorry it has been so long since i blogged. alot of issues going on in my life not all bad , not all  good but life it is.

been working on my jewelry end of the business lately and have been doing pretty good  selling a bit here and a bit there.

still trying to  get my craft room cleaned out, i wish i had the energy to just do it but i really don't want  any help with it  as i know the kind of help i get will be of the variety  get rid of  throw away sell whatever  just have it gone  idea and  i just can not do that.

i have  many ideas i want to do with my items and i know once hubby retires  we wont have any extra to buy anything and the time is coming faster than i know. i pray he lasts till the end of the year and not  go like in august as he is thinking.

kitties are doing well  that we have  not sure if i blogged about  ickabod or not but we lost him  in march. poor old guy was  so sick i think was his time.  he let me pick him up without freaking(never been able to do that before) and  when we took him in  my daughter and i were able to pet his little head, he was dying  would not have lasted the day so i gave him a humane way out. rip ickabod my poor little sad eye kitty  we love and miss you sooo very very much.

not alot to  post about  but do have  AWESOME NEWS.  My cousin  the one who had cancer is now cancer free and her  stem cell replacement is working wonders.  she is out of the hospital now and  in her own little apartment so i say yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa toni   thank the lord you are  where you are right now cousin and we love you so very much,

well best get off this puter and see what i can do about getting something done. blessings for all of you, may god keep you in his care and be with you always  love and blessings to everyone     vicki

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