Friday, July 6, 2012

fair warning this is a angry post

fair warning  this is a angry post

so here is the my story,  a couple years ago  the state of washington decided they needed to stick their nose in the lives of people who suffer from chronic pain.  if you take more than a certain amount of the meds   (strength wise)  you need to see a pain specialist. so in april my doc sent me to a pain clinic where the docs there agreed that  the meds i take are safe for me and agreed for the doc to  give me.  

fast forward a couple months  my doc who had been giving me the meds  decided to quit his practice and go to work for the VA. so where does this leave me back to going to the pain clinic.  WHILE i don't  mind seeing the pain doc, i certainly did not expect the  responce i got from him.

went to see him on the  29th of  june and his  statement to me was so shocking that i am a mess still.

according to him   the meds i take are  "dangerous"  for me to continue, that they can "kill" me if i continue to take them at the dose i am taking. so he told me he is going to wean me off the meds and i will be magically  fixed with no more pain.  that  the meds  are whats causing my pain i am like what the hell is he talking about.  

 i have been off these meds before and they are NOT what are causing it so now i will be without any meds to deal with the pain, he wants to give me  anti depressants which supposidly are so wonderful(all they did was cause more problems  when i took them before.

 i had a severe reaction to the meds and i refuse to take any more of them) and he also wants to put me on  anti seizure meds(I DON'T HAVE SEIZURES)  which are suppose to help with nerve pain.i tried them they did not help and caused me to gain  20 pounds i refuse to take that crap too, so his last resort is   steroid  shots  again not doing it they dont last they dont work and are painful and expensive   where does that leave me    screwed  i am not a happy person  right now    wish me lots of luck cause i need it.

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