Sunday, September 16, 2012

rip romo

today had some very sad news, our neighbors kitty   precious little romo was found dead  this morning.  
we had been very worried as he was not at morning feeding  for the last 2 days and  no one had seen him. 

he was a precious little cross eyed  bundle of love, he loved everyone and everyone loved little romo.  his mommy  found him  i believe have not had a chance to talk to her  but  from what my daughter said she told her that he looked normal , not  like he had been hit by a car or something. we may never know what killed him but i am worried about the other kitties both theirs and  ours.

RIP little romo   your with merwyn and riley,  boo boo and ickabod,   and snow  flake too.   watch over your   brothers little one and help us    find out what happened to you.  you are missed and l love you little one and  i will never forget you  sweetie     RIP

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