Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this is for you painter girl i love you with all of my heart

today i got the call i have been dreading some "do gooder" decided that our beautiful cats need a " good" home. that they should not be living outside at work, never mind that you have people who love and care about you and take care of you, feed you give you shelter and all of our love, never mind that you have people who are now heartbroken, , nope none of that matters cause they think you need a better home or if not possible to find you one then kill you instead, you will be so much better off so they come up to you and you trust them girl and they take you from your home and the people who love you from your babies who as i write this are lost without their mama but do they care oh hell no they want whats right for you, its a very sad day in my life when i honestly wish i could go down and get you and spit right in their faces, but am unable to do it. sadly my painter girl i have no where to bring you with bambina sick i can't bring another baby into the house and i know you don't understand why i can only tell you how very much i love you and wish i could bring you home with me or better yet back to your babies but they don't care paint , they want whats best for you. i hope to god that someday these evil people will all pay the ultimate price for their deviant behaviour i only hope and pray that you do find a good home and that you are able to move on in your little life little one i love you and always will i am sitting her crying my eyes out for you and am helpless to do anything to save you or any of the other babies who we both love so very much, sweetie i wish i could do something my hands are tied i am not able to give you what you need here and they won't let me keep you at work where you have lived for the past 5 years i hope they all rot in hell its a sad day in this country when people who love and care about fur babies can't even keep them safe. i feel like i let you down and i know i will never see you again i can only thank god i have my pictures so i can see you your daddy is going to miss you so much , he told me the only thing that has kept him working is you and your babies i worry so about him too, he has always had a fur baby to care about and worry about at work it helps him through the long horrible days he has had to continue working because of me and now he won't even have you to help him through. little one i can only pray someone who loves you as we do adopts you and gives you a good home, i selfishly wish i could keep you and know its not possible, if anyone is interested in adopting this beautiful baby girl she is at the pierce county animal shelter their telephone number is (253 )383-2733 if anyone does adopt her i hope you give her the kind of life she deserves alot of love and alot of room to roam goodbye little one i will always love you with all of my heart signed your mama.

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