Monday, August 3, 2009

happy august

happy august to you all, dh and i have been working around our house here where we call house 2 so much to be done and we are getting alot done but will have lots of work to do for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time lol a few days ago here in washington state(as well as many other places im sure) had record breaking heat into the 100's the hottest it was at our other house was 110 thats right my friends 110 degrees i about died from the heat i had to have the ac on in the car and sit in the shade when we were at house one but felt bad for the kids as they needed help keeping the kittys hydrated they did not want to eat much or drink because of how hot it was but they and we (humans) need to drink more when the heat index is so high thank the good lord it has come down to a normal 80 something that i can handle thankfully here at house 2 we have ac in as dad had a heat pump put in last fall and while he did not live long enough to enjoy it we sure as heck have enjoyed it right now is a balmy 77 degrees out and are loving it outside is still close to 80 so am sitting in here online besides the mosquitoes are HUGE and vicious this year i had bites that were so big it took me a week to get rid of them

dh dd and myself went last week down to the beach at ocean shores we stayed at a nice motel which ended up costing us almost 150.00 a night so we stayed one night besides which i could not lay down in the bed anyways i didn't sleep worth a darn dd slept on the sofa and while i would have gladly done it she wanted to sleep there so while she had a awful night on the couch i had a awful night in the bed who knows maybe we should have switched hehe here are some pictures of our trip i hope you all enjoy them and am glad to see you all reading please leave a comment if you read my blog i am sorry been so long in between posts have had some puter problems and also just super busy and dh is on vacation oh joy hehe hugs and love ya all enjoy the pics now vicki

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Anonymous said...

Just love the pics!!! Oh how I wish I could live by the ocean or at least visit the ocean for a few weeks, sigh.
Glad you had a get away even if it was short.
also glad you have ac, you are very lucky!!!!! Jean

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