Monday, August 31, 2009

more sad news

this is a update of the post below here are my babies mojo is the one on top and he is missing i hope he comes back i feel so very bad i love you mojo please come home to us love mommy

more sad news today we lost one of the cats we rescued yesterday, we were able to get 3 more yesterday i know have not blogged recently but a couple of the babies to a no kill shelter , last i heard they are not thriving, can you blame them poor little babies being taken from their mother and family(they were weened so not that they can not eat just are not hungry) but they at least are safe and will soon be better i hope ok back to todays news we got mojo and poster kitty and another little orange one we had not named and put them in the kennel we spent 300.00 for last night. there was a few gaps in the top but we didn't think mojo would get out, but he did and now he is lost in a neighborhood where nothing is familiar i am so hoping he is just hiding somewhere in the yard as i can not stand to think of him wandering around lost without food or water or anything , i don't know any of the people around here but there is alot of wild cats which run he may join some of them or hopfully he is not far and will come home, please please keep him in your prayers and send good thoughts for him and all of us we are just beside ourselves, i know most people probably think i am silly worrying about some stray cats but you guys don't understand. these cats have been with my dh at work since they were babies we have been feeding them for years and now his asshole boss decides they are a health hazard i won't write what i really want to cause don't want to offend anyone with how i really feel about this jerk my pain level is really bad and not all due to the cats is mostly due to the weather changing and the fact i am trying to do more and know i can not do it thankfully i am selling some of my yarns thanks to all who are buying or thinking about buying from me it is greatly appreciated and will get it all sent out soon.
my son got a job teaching 4th grade in a continuing position which means that he SHOULD have a job next year too life is sort of like a pita lately i just can;t deal with things much anymore i am tired of the way life is , people are so rude have no care or concern over anyone but themselves anymore(this is not about anyone in particular, just the general population all my friends i know and love do care and don't want you all to think i am talking about you as i am not, just about people in general ok?) i see on the news how kids are dying by their parents hands. life is just depressing i'm tired of it just sick and tired of it i need cheering up hmm wonder what goodwill has for sale this week lol hugs to you all

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