Monday, August 10, 2009

hi guys

hey ya all , i just had a blast going through all the patterns on sale at annies attic hope you guys can go look too i got 23 different patterns for around 30.00 including shipping woooohooo
dh is off for 2 more weeks and i imagine we will be busy with the house painting it ect. trying to get the garage cleaned out but then again is another big job to do, am so tired not going to stay and post much but thought i would say hello , i posted a bit on ravelry and ccp and hung out on facebook with a friend from a few years ago we had kind of lost touch so was nice to get back together for a chat. will post more tomorrow can't wait to get my yarn i bought from knit pics and also my swift i broke down and bought one was 50.00 which is ubber cheap can;t wait hehe hugs to you all oh and i also got this yummy yarn off of ebay is a red sport and am making the mobius scarf and hand warmers i wish i could have afforded the yarn it called for but would have cost me well over 120.00 for it so i substituted this yarn for it well am off to bed as it is after 3 am yes 3 am goodnight all hugs vicki


Anonymous said...

you bought me some patterns too, right?????? Jean

vicki said...

you wish HAHAHA but if there is some you want let me know and i will see what i can do, you will have to pay me for them though cause postage to canada is alot more than from here in the states let me know though seriusly jean i don;t mind as long as you pay me so i can afford to send them hugs vicki

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