Monday, February 9, 2009

hey ya all

sorry been a while since i blogged so much going on and not alot of time for me been very busy with fil talked to my sister nance today and asked her about dialisis she saie could have it occasionally as needed as long as his kidneys don't give out so am hoping that the kidney doc will do that so at least he has a fighting chance thursday he will be recommending the oncologist for dad to go thru chemo i hope he is strong enough to make it thru, otherwise he has months if that to live. the kidney doc is a very dedicated doctor, i believe he is chinese but not sure, but i can tell you after meeting him one time i am very impressed with his dedication, he spent several hours at home studying dads condition. that shows me he is a good doctor and not like his gp who only wanted to deal with one condition at a time which is why dad is as bad as he is. sorry need to stop thinking about that cause it is just raising my blood pressure grrr anyways anyone who reads this pop on and say hi if your my friend from the ville come post i would love to hear from you. thats the part i miss from the ville the rest i don;t miss at all when it becomes the same for all i might consider coming back but doubt im sure the adm would not allow it anyways whatever anyways i miss you guys but not the hassle hugs and love for all of you


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My dear sweet Vicki, sis I am always praying for you and your family, even thogh I am ill, I pray to God almighty all the time as I lay in bed. I pray for the Lord to show your dad Mercy sis, and that he can be pain free. Please know is sis I am always with you in soul and spirit. Love you so much JoAnn

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