Wednesday, February 4, 2009

things are not good

got a call from the kidney doc today things are not good, it seems that the previous post i made is what dad has for sure, the bad thing is it IS a form of cancer, he is confident that it can be treated with chemo therapy. but can dad survive the chemo, while i know they have made great strides in lessening the side effects basicly it will kill you if it is to strong , our delema of course is wether or not dad will even agree to have it and if he does have to then we are going to go to seattle tothe cancer care alliance, i feel confident that if there is a way to save him they can do it i know they have helped so many people where as main stream oncologists are more opposed to less than normal treatments i also know that the cancer care alliance has had great strides in helping people live a longer life, granted dad is not young he is 79, but the doc said without treatment he has less than a year to live, something i have often wondered about because of how rapid his illness has progressed. is sad though ,m he was so excited because we didn;t think it was cancer but dr wang said that it really is a form of it and chemo isthe only chance so please please let dad make the right decision. please include us all in your prayers as we are in great need of them thank you all of you for reading this and for sticking by me i love you all and appreciate everything you all have done for me take care and hugs and love

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Kari said...

Love ya hun. I'm so sorry you got hit with another blow like this.
Your FIL has lived a long life. Were I his age I am not sure I'd want to go through chemo.
I'll keep you all in my prayers.

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