Thursday, September 18, 2008

turkey chili recipe

so today i had the day from hell i seriously thought bout just getting in my car and driving away, since i really have no place to go (i know i have alot of friends online of which many had offered me comfort and a safe place i couldn't make myself do it, my family does not deserve the worry of me dissapearing so thats out besides i have a quarter of a tank of gas and i can guarentee you in my thunderbird would get me to um maybe puyallup soooooooooooo notmuch of running away now is it now. since i have had time to reflect i have decided to just give it all to god and let him deal with it . after praying about it i think the solution is to list to sell on ebay and make some people some awesome deals some that they can NOT refuse sound like a plan? does to me hehe so for all those who had to listen to me today whine and complain and act like a moron i am very sorry forgive me please then on the other hand hubby came home and when he opened the door i could see how much he was going to enjoy the chili i made today was very easy to make and he really did enjoy it so i have decided to post the recipe

home made turkey chili

i browned in a frying pan with no oil or shortening i cut up half a yellow onion, 5 bulbs of garlic 2 large green peppers and i fried the ground turkey up into it i put a lid on it to hasten the cooking time and actually browning it
while that id beings browned empty 6 15 oz cans of various beans, i used pinto,black,red and kidney beans, add 2 cans of cut up tomatoes stewed are fine or whatever you have tomato wise on hand, add 3 large cans tomatoe sauce. in a pinch you can use canned spagettie sauce. add 3 packages of chili seasoning and if you like it hot like my hubby does then add several shakes of cayenne pepper keeping in miond that it will get hotter the more you simmer(spicery) add the meat mixture and mix well add simmer at least 2 hours . enjoy but remember to check the spice before adding extra cayenne. if for some reason it is to spicy you can add more sauce and also about a half cup of sugar, it will cut the spice down to a managable level. enjoy it bon apetit

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