Thursday, September 18, 2008

life sucks

warning this is a ver negative blog post if you don;t want to read it don't sorry am having my own personal pity party here

ok heres the scoop, pay day is sept 30th i have no money till then what the hell am i going to do i mean seriously what can i do, i have tried selling a bunch of patterns seems everyone has what they want so even at half price its not selling so what do i do next ebay i guess or etsy who the hell knows i am so damn tired of being broke i want to scream i have people who owe me money but of course no one has it now when i need it. i should have learned my own lessons after my cousin robin ripped me off for almost 700.00 but nope not me i am stupid i lent money or gave stuff and said people could pay me later well guess what nothing is worse than lending family and friend money if you are not prepared to lose it dont lend it i have learned that the hard way. sucks i know so many others are worse off but i would like my fair share can anyone say stupid idiot thats me there i said it im a idiotic stupid moron who will never learn life sucks

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Kari said...

Love ya hun
broke here too, sucks...

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