Monday, September 8, 2008

im broken hearted

well as i had posted previously about my sister nance she has some major issues and today i am trying to understand why she attacked me verbaly, when i called her i thought oh good i finally got her, well i was very sorry i bothered to call her first we talked about abbers and her first day of school and how she had left her backpack and lunch box at school and her sweater on the bus, well abbers would do that she is a sweet little girl who don;t always think about her things(unless someone else is hurting them then she takes the toys away and says no thats mine you can;t hurt it like that and is done playing with the person. well after chatting a bit about abbers i asked her how the nerve block had done in her neck and she proceeds to tell me that it don;t work so i say that sucks and after that was all she wrote. she started in on me about the meds i take for my pain and how i needed to get off them and on to a morphine pump and how i am doing nothing but causing myself trouble i told her i didn;t want to be on the morphne pump having had that when i had my back surgery i was sick as a dog with the morphine basicly i was trying to tell her what she wanted for herself was great but don;t push it off on me, she sat there and told me i was taking the strongest of my meds i c an which she is very wrong there is stronger than mine so she says to me your lying i know there is no such thing i was so upset i told her needed her to just stop i didn't want to even discuss it with her and she needed to just leave me alone but she kept it up and finally i ended up hanging up after telling her to call me when she thinks about how she is treating me, then when i tried to explain how i felt to my husband he just said not to let it worry me she probably didn;t mean it

i thought he understood what my sister meant to me but guess not i feel soooo along and tonight i am just sad very sad , but i did have one bright thing happen that made me realllly happy, my friend keesha has been having a hard time with her littlen girl being sick and in the hospital well i made keesh a lapghan out of super soft yarn and thought she would enjoy it while sleeping in her recliner(you would be suprised how many of us don;t sleep in a bed anymore) and she got it today she said it made her day but it did alot more than that it made mine too knowing someone appreciates the time i took to make something special for them thanks keesh you so made me happy with your responce to your package i love ya kiddo hang in there. to all of you who have read this novel i thank you and am very happy to call ya all friends hugs and love to all

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Kari said...

I'm sorry you had a bad talk with your sister. It sucks when people think they are trying to help by pushing and such.
I am sure she thought she was helping. Hang in there, sometimes it seems like the world is against us.
Hopefully she will think on it and realize what she said was hurtful.
Love ya my friend.

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