Monday, May 12, 2008

will it ever end?

so today when i get the mail there is something there from that stupid vet hosptial i took riley too, they waited 2 almost 3 weeks since riley died.WHY? all it did was upset me i swear that they did it on on purpose. alotof my friends said maybe they meant well and maybe they did but i was not impressed. besides the one who treated him didn't even bother to sign it, nice huh? maybe i am wrong , maybe they didn't cause his death but since learning what i have about this place i will never forgive myself for taking him there ever, i truly feel he would be alive if i had taken him to someone who knows what they are doing. riley love mommie misses you, so does shadow

today when i went out to see shadow there was a black cat sitting inside the kennel on the top of it just out of reach for shadow. looked identical to riley and very well may have been his sibling, several days before he died i noticed these cats coming and hanging around the yard, then after riley boy died they stopped until last week when i spotted it coming out of the patio. is so odd and now back today is bothering me big time now. then again i may have been wrong and it was itsy although whn i looked i twice at it it looked alot like riley.but obviously wasn't him

did ya all have a nice mothers day/ mine was alright i suppose, nothing i would write home about. see this is the first mothers day we have bnt had hubbys mom with us, we always suprised her with some kind of we bought 2 geraniums and put thmon the deck dad had had built for her. before we got there though am getting ahead of myself, as we were leaving i went out the door onto the porch and took a flying nosedive. so now am hurting 4 x's as bad. got to get myself a new pair of shoes or at least learn to pick up my feet, the problem is my legs and feet they have no feeling in them or very little, my legs feel like wooden blocks and feet sometimes have tingles most time just bla nada. anyways enough about my pitiful life

heard from severelof my friends. kari, christine, jean, laura and tonight i got to talk to fran i was so happy as i have not been able to talk to fran to much and she is a sweetheart i have missed her.

want to crochet but kind of hard to right now hope hands heal up fast.

what ya all been up to? having some good times in this nicer weather we are suppose to have. although i feel so bad for the people of the south east with all the tornados and storms it worries me alot. please be safe my friends and those who i love and care about,. you are always in my thoughts

oh did have a awesome dinner for mothers day. we wanted to have dad come over but he wasn't ready to had a hard day too cause of mom so we visited there for a while. when we got home lj had the grill all ready to cook on, then he and hubby made me tenderloin steak, OMG was that the best steaki have had in years was so tender you could cut it with a fork,, gave a few of the scraps for sir shadow and itsy baby and coast,only one who ate them and wanted more were baby and sir shadow. tonight finished them off, made some bbq beans to go with them andhubby and son snarfed, which was fine with me i weasn't all that hungry]so was the perfect amount. was a fewscraps so shadow got them since baby wasnt hungry but was soooo good, the nicest part too was the price i got them almost for a steal. 4.99 a pound for10 pounds or more

doing the summer secret pal swaps at both the ville and the mania, going to send out to my pal on the mania this week at least am hoping to hope ya all have a great week, today had therapy and my pt was upset that i fell said i did alot of damage more than what i had when i first came in so she worked on me today, her name is debbie and let me tell you,she is freaking awesome. today she put my hips back in place ouchy but tonight they are better. sigh whoever said no pain no gain and that really upsets me so i ignore thrm.

talked to my friend tammie she lives in australia and has been through a lot and lost my addy now she has it again wooohooo hope to heard from her again love ya tammie
well am off to bed i think , naw i think i will read first for a while, reading my new nora roberts book the hollow and omgosh is it good so far is the 2nd one of three and cn;t wait to finish it and get the last one thats how great is so try it you can't beat it lol goodnight my friends

kk am headed hdos


WilBlg4Yrn said...

*hugs* I hope things get better for you soon my friend

tracy said...

Hang in there. hugs. Still thinking of you even if we do keep missing each other.

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