Thursday, May 8, 2008

its been a week

a whole long weak filled with sadness and sorrow a long pain filled day for losing you riley. i can;t believe you have been gone a week, tonight at the exact time you died i was sitting in the garage holding shadow and he started whining , he knew you were gone then, he has been so sad without you little one. mommie is worried about him, he isn;'t eatting his food like he always did you know how much he loves food riley, send him some angel love little one and let him know you are still around, i love you riley boy, i miss you soooooooooo much, mommie will never ever forget you. all the time i call your name everyone is getting mad because i will say going to put the boys to bed or i will say your name and i know they are upset cause they will say mom please. i can;t help it darling boy, thats how much i miss you, enjoy your life now filled with happiness and fun chasing birds around and visiting with nana

today was so odd i was out with shadow visitin him and all of a sudden he took off like he use to when you and he was playing . i hope it was you sweetie cause shadow misses you so much.

tonight someone tried to get into my car again, damn fools nothing in there but car, don;t leave anything in there so why would they even try morons.

i don;t know if i am coming or going, one bad thing after another happens and im getting so i can't take anymore, i wish i could say calgon take me away but the sad thing about that is i can hardly even stand up let alone take a bath those who think life is so easy and dont have physical limitations isay more power to ya i wish you could understand buti guess unless you have it you don't i hate to think what would happen to you if you did have physical limits would you be the same ?i doubt it , and i hope you never have to feel what i do.

k enough depressing things, i am at this time designing a baby sweater and hat pattern is my own so there lol
once i perfect it will have it for sale one day . who knows, someone might buy it lol

please pray for my friend nikis and her family they are going thru
some really hard times, they recently lost someone they were really close to . so
please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

yesterday had therapy. walked a whole 1/4 mile. omgosh was i hurting last night , will try for a bit more next week.

got to get this mess out of here and back into the garage so i can stop going to therapy and do my own, i mean all im doing is exercising with heat pack and back rub, can do that here. and it won't cost me as much, got a tread mill just need to use it

on a happppy note i lost 5 pounds woooootttt
how cool is that. am so tired yet can;t sleep for the pain, its getting to me even now. what will i do well i will tell ya will sit up and write really boring blogger posts for you all to read :P

tomorrow sending my friend fran some rosemary starts i hope they work for ya sweetie if not will get them rooted myself, well guess am going to get off here and try and sleep. am sooooo tired
hugs and love to you all may your day be better than it was today

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

*hugs* I wish I could take away all the pain and heartache hun. It'll get better sweetie. Just hang in there. I know it's so hard but you can do it.

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