Tuesday, May 20, 2008

can you say awwwwww

this is paints baby isn't he/she adorable, we are thinking of bringing it home for shadow not sure yet but am thinking about it.

life here has been very stressful as i know it is for everyone, some days i don;t even want to get off the love seat i hurt i bad. but i plug along each and every day.

been going to physical therapy but not sure how long am going to keep it up.so far it has cost me 100.00 and i am barely moving, but the ultrasound they have been using is soooo wonderful on my back. debbie my pt is wonderful, she really has a gift and is kind and caring.

been crocheting as much as i can with my hand being messedup. i did a bit of sewing yesterday and finished the levi purse that i had sold to a guy at walmart who was collecting signatures for initatives. other that that same ole same ole.

weather was so hot over the weekend andnow is back in the 40's and damp. nothing is worse for me that what the weather is doing, hotter than a wildfire blazing in july.

then a colder than a day in decemeber lol well maybe not THAT cold, anyways was cool and then today RAIN ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK so bad for my arthritis,

oh well life goes on.

my yard looks so nice, the lilacs and the rhodys are just beautiful. oh gosh they are pretty, we have 3 diff kinds of lilacs, red which is a bright purple, white and blue which is the paler lavender, odd i know but is how it is described. as for the rhodys we have a magnitude of colors we have white ones, red ones, dark purple, brighter purple and white mix,we also have bright bright pink and orange and orangeish red, my next door neighbor has a yellow one i want a yellow one whine whine. lol well my friends am off to try and sleep, not moving so good tonight after therapy so hope i can sleep. god blessyou all and know i love you all goodnight

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

aww what a sweetie, just wanna grab it and kiss it's face!
I hear you on the pain... been having some chilly mornings here too.

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