Monday, April 21, 2008

sometimes i wonder

ya ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? ever since the garage rafters fell down on the car last wendsday,seemed nothing would ever go right and just kept getting worse well today we finally go a break, the genius engineer hubby i have figured out a way to get the rafters off the car,6 hours later of pulling with a rope and nailing a 2x4 repeating this process for hours, ya know the old block and tackle worked for the eygyptians i guess he figured he could make it work for the garage and it did:)but omg am i sore, i can not imagine how much my hubby and son hurt. all i know was i almost didn't make it with my back and luckily the running board on the car was available.that was the good news, the bad news was it showed just how big my big fat butt is.i quickly wiped that area clean bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

the damage to the house is more extensive than we first thought and the car is well im heartbroken BUT with enough money(got to sell my stamps or yarn stash or something)i think can maybe,. just maybe be made almost as good as new. the worst damage is to the roof, several large dents are in it not to mention that one is right on a seam, i know you are thinking seam???? but older cars had seams usually around the roof line and the hood here is a seam on this car anyways and whats bad about the roof is a big dent right by where the door opens, flat places are much easier to fix than when ya have a dent on a curve. sigh anyways whats done is done and not all i can do about it but wait for ins adjsuster to contact me which she still has not called even though i reported it last week . guess its not as important to them, they want to get their money fast enough darn people anyway well what will be will be. and no its not a stupid doris day movie, well think im going to try and sleep am hurting so bad and need to try and let my meds work i guess. so until tomorrow be kind to each other, ya never know when your garage rafters are going to fall

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tracy said...

Hope it all gets sorted soon, thinking good thoughts for you. Rest up and let your body recover. Hope see you soon at the Ville or chat. ;)

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