Tuesday, April 1, 2008

tuesdays follies

well today was one of those days, one of those ick days, i worked so hard in my house and no one appreicated it at all in fact was asked what i did all day. GIMME a BREAK i could not believe how my husband acted. since his mother died he has been so different. i mean i have been with him for over 36 years and he just is not the man i met and fell in love with, granted 35 years is not when ya all act like first love, but there is so much tension and stress in my house is breaking my heart and our marriage apart.is there any hope that he will get better. i feel he is depressed but all he does is deny it and say he is fine

guess i can't make him change but sure is sad that things have reached the point i am thinking of leaving

so besides working today i had to break up a fight between shadow and riley, riley started one and shadow started one. darn cats

thursday riley is going to go to the vets for a little life changing operation. yup he is getting snipped. he won't like it one bit, but i found out the vet has a post op pain shot he can have so he is going to get that even though it cost 17.00

i am so glad they have this for animals now, when baby had her surgery they didn't give anything and she was crying from the pain. but now thank god they realie animals have feelings too and pain is just as bad for them as humans but they don;t understand what is going on.

when he comes home thursday night will keep him seperated from shadow. he won't feel like tussling im sure.

the worst part for him is no food or water after 7 pm tomorrow night
eeeek. but is the way it has to be

today got the cutest ecard from lori carlson aka the shrone. boy lori was i trying to get those spiders and couldn't for the life of me make that hammer move to hit those spiders. got me good you lol was cute thanks so much

got a square yesterday for a friend who has had a tragedy in her life, and alot more coming. boy let me tell you any of you who is helping me make this for our friend , well lets just say you guys are the BEST

i joined a couple more yahoo groups one is A girl can never have to many handbags all running together lol is a fun place to visit and also joined another one with some friends. will post the addy later after asking if its alright.

i met a new friend in pet smart yesterday. it came about quite odd, we were both getting friskie canned cat food for our furkids, i had asked her to move cause she was blocking the chicken and tuna, she moved of course(i asked nicely of course) and when she saw what i had picked out and said i can't have anything with fish in my house it bothers my daughter. i said oh do you live with her
and she said no she lived in her own home but her 43 year old daughter lived with her in HER home. to say i was shocked was a gnat on a bears butt. and of course being the sweet sensitive kind of person i looked at her and said ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i was so shocked at this woman literly telling her mother what she could or could not do, we talked a bit more and she was so sad and almost crying so i asked her if it was alright if i gave her a hug. this womans daughter needs to grow up . and i hope my friend jan gets enough nerve to tell her its her house, needless to say i now have a new friend and maybe even after we talk a bit more we can go out to lunch at ivars which is fish and chips or even skippers lol

where does one draw the line.in my house my kids live here but is not their home forever but while they are here i request and demand respect and for them to follow some very basic guidelines. and while occasionally we have a spat or 2 do to the fact my dd is a adult and has her own mind and don;t like me telling her what to do, she lives here so therefor she follows the rules(mostof the time, those times she don;t she hears about it from me)

and since they are both working i require them to help with grocerys and bills i do not charge rent but i do ask for a bit of help and it seems to be working.

am working on a bunch of things right now and am making my sp something special i hope she likes it got a couple more things to do also for her and then will send the reveal package i hope she dont know who i am yet :D

weather is odd but typical spring cold damp and the occasionaly stray snow flake or hail stone. and of course ever present sunshine

my magnolia tree is getting ready to bloom and what amazes me is the fact that a small piece of it had broken off so i stuck it in the pot of my old marigolds. amazing enough it is going to bloomfrom that stick in the pot. wow wouldn'tthat be cool thatit grew from a small stick to a new tree? same with the camelia bush way cool

well am off to snooze land as i have to be up early tomorrow in the wee hours of around 6:30 to 7:00 am to take fil to the doc for another stupid test. gosh i feel bad for him he is now battling all this sickness and things and all the time mom was alive he took care of her and was not sick at all please keep him in your thoughts and prayers . well am off to snoozeeeeeeeeeeee land till tomorrow ciao


WilBlg4Yrn said...

*hugs* Hand in there friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Glad you made a new friend.
It's always nice to meet someone new!!

Hope things get better for you !!!!

Hope your kitty feels better too, poor kitty!!!!!!
Your friend, Jean

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