Sunday, February 3, 2008

its almost time......................................

well this is it th big game day, the day that those who are football fanatics will yell at you if you interupt them when their favorite team make that 1st down, me i like football, mainly because hubby likes it and son, dd she works thru it most of the time so that she DON'T have to listen to her dad and brother yelling back and forth between the living room where hubby will be ensconced and my sons bedroom where he will be watching it on his tv, sigh oh well , me i probably will watch some but not like when it was the home team, but the seahawks puked out of the playoffs again i sigh

on to better things

i finally got pictures of the sweater set and hat i made the other day also made a matching blanket . it is at the top of the post lol, nothing like dumpin it up there lol but no worries at least you saw the set right?
well the weather is nasty as usual, but the weather guy was a tad optimostic for next weekend., hell i
would be happy fo it to be sunny warm day, oh around low to mid 70's with sunshine beaming down on to us.
so tomorrows special day will be cold and cloudy and just right for those maniacs who will scream their heads head off
hope ya enjoy the game and may the best team win fair and square no cheating on either side


PeWee said...

Beautiful set!

Nessie said...

Hey vicki, just checking on you before I go to bed, I've been thinking about you... Was afraid something happened to you, but maybe you just forgot about me... Anyway hope you're doing alright.
I'll leave you alone now.. Night!
x3 Jessie.

Kylie B said...

Oh I love the baby set, very cute. What yarn did u use??

vicki said...

jessie hon i could never forget you, i must not have the right email cause all the ones i send are sent back as error so please email me and let me know what it is, thanks all of you for the nice comments. i used red heart baby yarn i had along time, it made up beautiful thanks again ya all

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