Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy almost spring day

today was a bit better but still hurting pretty bad. omgosh last night saw the lunar eclpise was soooo awesome, no one else would go stand out side with me and with me falling i didn't go long as didn;t want to wander into some part of the yard that still looks like a cyclone hit it seriously its tanked big time. but hubby and son informed me that soon i will be able to navigate the yard as they were going to be doing their version of paul bunyun this weekend and not be tooo macho about it hehehe, hey whatever works i miss not going out to check on the herbs and seeing what coming up while is still winter(although i seriously doubt we wil have much more cold weather. been cold in the morning but warms up to a nice warm 50 lol

i wake up and hear birds chirping this is a happy sound for me, waiting for the tree frogs next, small wonder, while we live in the burbs, we have all the emenities of country living, raccoons, skunks, coyote and please do not forget possums, standard roadkill around here, personally i find those critters ugly as sin but a great asset to my yard as for some reason slugs are a delacisy for them, little guys bon appitet, is one of the things i can not stand is standing barefoot on a slug, or worse yet picking something up and finding slime all over you. GROSS so little possums you are welcome into my yard anytime as long as you don't invite yourself in for supperlike ya did at my friend paulettes house. she lives down in california and has a small army of these critters living in her home. mind you she tolerates them until they touch her yarn and then look out slowpoke cause is not a pleasant person to be around.

today went to the library and checked out a couple of books been wanting to read , and also checked out a crochet book on those darling little japanese animals that to this day can not pronounce their name. is amazing how cute they are and thought i would try the patterns out before i commit to buying some of these littl cuties. darn my c key is sticking again and boy does that look wierd. hehe

not doing much have a doozy of a headache and is killing me so may not last long lol.

posted a large amount of crochet and knit patterns i am selling on the ville and am also going to list them here as soon as my brain lets me know how to do it . lol, boy is this pain getting to me.between the headache and right now the spine area want to do the boogie dance on my own back and kick its butt .sleepwell my friends have a good nights sleep lol

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