Thursday, July 26, 2007


hey ya all, how ya doing this fine thursday morning. well it i morning but i have not been to bed yet as it is 1:24 am here, hence the good morning lol

went to the po on wend had 4 packages, sent one to iraq one to fran in texas, one to the girl on the ville looking for the white yarn
and crud i can not remember who else i sent one too ack thats going to drive me nuts

oh i remember
sent jimbo his afghan i promised him. i hope you like it my friend, i know i love my hooks and i got the better end of the deal so hope you enjoy, i thought i would make it big enough for you and you wife, it will keep you warm i hope you llike i

well its been 2 weeks since mama passed away and also uncle , someone has been over to see dad at least once a day. he is trying so hard and i know how much it must kill him . yesterday he got the hospital bill and omgosh i thought he was going to have a heart attact himse
lf, they charged almost 1600.o0 for a 2 bed room which she never even used. its no wonder that people can't afford to get sick, i called and asked wha the charge for the room was for, she explained it that because of the condition mom was in, she met the criteria due to how sick she was she was admited an because of that she was charged for the room, now tell me how freaking stupid that is will ya, that and the fact the charge for blood she never got because she died before they could get it to her. i am so frustrated. health care in this country sucks take my meds for example i get 90 pills 90 pills that cost my ins company 1500.00 dollars, i am flabbergassd. and i am angry, the other meds i take is for 120 pills i saw the bill for those too, another 650.00 for 120 pill, grand total m2150.00 k sorry its a bad subject for me, a darn bad one, thank god we have healh ins which pays for it but thats why hhn(hubby, caan;t retire) alright on to the next subject :D

i made a couple more bags to sell, is the our lady of guadelopee, i had finished jacqui's 2 she wanted amd mu dd saw them and asked what i had plans for with one of the bag, wether or not it was sold , i told her go for it she said really? got a big smile on her face, oh its nice to be appreciated my friends :D so i decided to go ahead and mae anothor one and then of course i could not stop at just the one as i had the maerials out so made 3 of those and another skull finifty one as well for mu good friend jessie, she is having kind of a hard time so thought it might cheer her up hang in there darling it will get better with time,

well ya all am off to dream land as i am dead beat on my feet, well maybe not on them literly but ya know what i mean :P god bless all who has been so kind to me and out family, we greatly appreciate ya all. night now talk to ya soon love ya and god bless ya[

Sunday, July 22, 2007

its been a little over a week

been a bit over a week now since mom passed away, seems like my life has gone from a normal fun filled life down to struggling to make it thru each day, i wonder sometimes if we will even survive.

my hubby is lost, i know how much his mom meant to him so am trying to over look alot of things he says, he is now talking about retiring once again knowing well good we can't afford for that to happen. i am scared to death that he is going to come home one night and say well i did it i put my 2 weeks notice in, or worse yet, he will come home and say i quit and am not going back.

i wonder if the kid who hit me even has any inclining about what he has caused for my life to be, dependant on others and needing medication that is so expensive that we can not afford to get it any other way besides hubby still working.

been trying to crochet but just don;t have my heart in it, was suppose to have 3 lephants done and i can't bring myself to finisih these as crocheting was one my moms favorite things that i did for her, she could sit and watch me for hours. , and i can see her smiling serene face asking me what i was making and who was going to get this or that., was it for sale and her always trying to buy my projects from me when i would have given them to her in a heart beat, omgosh i miss that lady something fierce. we didn't have a typical mil/dil relationship
she said to me early on i was not a daughter in law, i was a daughter and she treatedme as such every day of the time we were together

mom know how much i love you sweetheart, am doing my best to guide the others forward. go bless and keep dong my best, stand beside me dear momma, i am doimg mf best to carry on for you,darling loving mom, forever in my heart

Thursday, July 19, 2007


wanted to tell you all i am sorry i have not blogged in so long. to many bad things happened and i have no energy,

i also want to share with you a new yarn shop that stormy autumn from crochetville told me about. its called yorkshier yarns and is located in lakewood washington, just off of steilacoom blvd on phillips road, first left as you just leave steilacoom blvd.

inside i found a world full of wonder and now i have found my paradise,. i bought some bamboo yarn(omgosh so yummy)
some egyptian cotton, which works out nice, and also some cotton with elastic in it. not sure exactly what am going to make but an leaning towards socks, but will see,

anyways to all who read my blog again i apologize for not being here. i am back now god bless and keep you all and please keep our family in your prayers

how much more can i take

i really really wonder how much more i can take of life, this last week has been such a sad sad week, first off uncle dominick died on the 10th of july, dads older brother who was always full of such mischief, you had to love him, and no one could stay mad at him for long, he had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back.

then on the 11th the most awful thing happened to our family, worse even than losing uncle dominick, my beautiful talented wonderful mother(in law, only because its a name, she was a mother to me more than my own) passed away at 4:15 in the afternoon, i to this day am in shock, i can't believe how fast she got so bad that she died. it started it off by me taking her to the doc as she had a sore throat. from there she ended up in the trauma center of st josephs hospital er room. and later that afternoon passed away with my fil and dd and myself at her side. my hubby whos mother it is, could not bear to see her like that and my son went to be with his dad as he felt the same way. i know how much my family loved her, i know how much I loved her and always will,. our family has a void in it now, the important part of the hyarchy is missing, now its up to me to be the matriach of the family. i don't want to be it i want my sweet kind mom back.

the priest delivered a beautiful mass for her and after wards talked with us for a while.

if i seem a little grumpy or not quite like myself ya all will know why .

rest in peace darling mother, fly with the angels and save me a place in heaven next to you. i love you mom, always and forever. me

Sunday, July 8, 2007

hey ya all

how ya all doing today, i am tired but doing pretty good, we worked out in the yard today for a while and decided to take the aluminum cans in we have been recycling for over a year, well we did a reallllly good job of gathering all those cans and recycling them we had 181 pounds . and made almost a 100.00 hot dawg he he he. make ya want to start recycling yet? we have done it for many years and its welllll worth the time and effort. i mean sheeesh a 100.00 isn't anything to sneeze over and something to write home about hehe

i recieved my reveal package from my awesome new friend dawn aka crochetluvknot on crochetville. dawn very much spoiled me rotten with allll of the goodies she made and sent to me, i especially love my shrug you made me but of course i love all of it

i sewed today a tiny bit
made a tote bag for my dd out of dragon brocade and it turned out really nice and the other is our lady of guadaloupe. i had a friend buy me some of this material for one of my daughters friends who had to have some, so my friend fran bought it for me and i payed her of course, then this so called friend stiffed me for almost 6 yards of this material and now i am makin more money on it than she is bewahahahahaha i feel evil tonight, well on that note am off to bed as it is almost 2:30 am and i need to get up at 7:30 so goodnight to you all and god bless you all, thank you to all the brave men and women in the armed forces, serving this country and keeping it free for you and me to enjoy. god speed my friends

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

happy 4th of july

happy 4th of july to all of you, may your day be filled with the happiness and freedom we all so take for granted, while you enjoy your bbq no matter if you have the tradional hotdogs and hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans and of course the ever present watermelon, or if you grill salmon filets, t-bone steaks or any thing else for that matter. me, i don' care as long as its food and i am hungry lol one i can relatet. l want to take a moment to say thanksto our brave men and women in the armed forces, ya now
somepeople i know wonder what they can do to make the lives of our military heros better, well i have just the place for you,. its called check this site out. today i sent to any 3 huge boxes of goodies, . this is my way of saying thank you . god bless you all . so to all of you my fellow americans god bless you all, and have a happy and safe 4th of july. remember don't let kids light the fuses, every year hundreds if not thousands of kids lose their fingers and much worse from fireworks, so be safe. god bless all of you and happy independance day enjoy your freedom and take a moment to thank a member of the armed forces goodnight and god bless


Monday, July 2, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, hope this finds ya all enjoying the summer sun, well except for those of you in the southern hemisphere. i feel sorry for ya but then again, when we had winter here you all laughed when i said brrrr, just kidding of course you would not do that. bewahahahahaha.

today was a nice sunny day about 70 degrees, ahhhh just perfect but the next few will get a tad warmer. woooooooohoooooooo yea sunshine and warmth, i wish i could just lounge around all day in the sun, but noooooooooooooooooo, not moi, you know what i get to do my friends? i get to catalouge the mountain of yarn i am selling and post it on line so you all can see it and get some good deals if ya want. this last week my son and i went thru my yarn stash and i weeded out over 8 huge lawn and leaf bags full of yarn, not yarn scraps, full skeins of yarn. so now the fun part starts pleasebear with me , i plan on selling this yarn for pennies on the dollar . for instance say i have a skein of yarn that cost 9.00 nor,ally. i do have one of those too by the way. i will sell it for 5.00 thats 40% off. some i will sell for more. depending on the quanity. i recently sold a box of yarn to a lady that was worth over 150.00 for 50.00 plus postage. so watch this blog for some goodies for good price.

today looked in the garden and low and behold, what did i spot? i spotted some corn sprouts. wooooot how excitedy is i lol

now its up to the summer sun, grow little corn plants grow hehe
lts that time of year for me to clean out my stash and will be posting yarn and patterns for sale here very soon, untill then i bid you adeu, see ya in the yarn aisle

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