Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sorry for not posting in a while

I apologize for not posting  recently but my daughter was in the hospital  for a month a half and she recently was  released and is now staying with hubby and myself.   if anyone needs any help with crochet questions please leave me a message with it and i will try and answer them.

please send prayers positive thoughts good energy whatever is your belief(i do not judge others for their beliefs as we are all  individuals and have our own things we  believe in) for my  girl as she has a long ways to go but is doing much better. it was so close we almost lost her and i am so thankful that  she is with us still  

take care and  God Bless all of you will be back soon with  crochet tips and things  hugs to all who need it and  thanks for following my blog it has been  quiet much to long :)  love ya all

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